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About Us

"All My  Friends Are Stars Just Not Famous Yet"

AMFAS is the #1 music festival for emerging artists in Sweden, taking place in cities such as Gothenburg, Stockholm, Visby, Norrköping, and more! From May to September every year, AMFAS brings high quality music acts to the stage in order to create that “wow-feeling” of discovering new talent and supporting new careers.  


In 2016 the festival started in Gothenburg by founders Americk Lewis and Nicholas Sosin as a small gathering of friends sharing live music under a bridge. The two festival founders, originally from New York City, didn't know of the Swedish Jantelagen culture, a mentality that encourages people to not stand out too much. Therefore, with a passion to unite people and a desire to showcase the amazing local talent, the festival concept was born, creating a platform for people to shine and believe in themselves. 


The festival name comes from the quote “All My Friends Are Stars, Just Not Famous Yet,” an epiphany that founder Americk Lewis had while working with famous artists in NYC and thinking to himself that all of his friends had talent too, but lacked the support and encouragement early in their careers that can allow them to blossom and grow. 


Now the festival garners annually over 8000 attendees throughout Sweden. The festival is family friendly with an aim to create an overall great experience for the audience and there’s always great food and drinks during the festival. The entrance fee is kept at a low cost so as many people can attend as possible, no matter their background or social status, all are welcome to come and enjoy great live music. 


The 9th annual festival will take place in 2024 and present over 70 different artists and performances, over nine events in seven different cities across Sweden.


Mixing local talent with international ones, the festival creates a unique mix of artist genres and culture, and countless opportunities for new artists to develop their careers.

Recent project by Smilla, All My Friends Are Stars' artist

Our recent album release This One For Sweden Vol 2. is available for streaming on Soundcloud and on every platform.

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Americk Lewis


Founder & President



Senior Consultant



Senior Consultant

Nicholas Sonin


Founder & Vice-President



Stage Designer



Best Dog Ever - Forever in our hearts and memory



Operational Manager



Artist Coordinator

All My Friends Are Stars processes personal data in accordance with applicable law, including the EU Data Protection Regulation. We take pictures and videos of the festival that we use on our website, Facebook and Instagram. If you do not want to participate in photos / films in our channels, you can contact us afterwards at and state what subject it is so we can remove it.

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