Americk and Nicholas


"All My  Friends Are Stars Just Not Famous Yet"

Americk Lewis & Nicholas Sosin; two friends, are founders of All My Friends Are Stars; a Hip Hop Production Duo, collective of artists, and Music Festival.

The name All My Friends Are Stars comes from a concept created by founder, visionary artist and Am Media Group LLC CEO Americk Lewis who under the mentorship of SVP Capitol Records Emmanuelle Cuny-Panicker has worked in the entertainment business with the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West, and many others. Americk coined the phrase "All My Friends Are Stars Just Not Famous Yet".

Lewis believes that the friends he has around him are just as talented as any major artist, just maybe lacking some exposure. So with the annual All My Friends Are Stars Music Festival, we give up and coming artists a platform to grow their careers.

Our recent album release This One For Sweden Vol 2. is available for streaming on Soundcloud and on every platform.


All My Friends Are Stars processes personal data in accordance with applicable law, including the EU Data Protection Regulation. We take pictures and videos of the festival that we use on our website, Facebook and Instagram. If you do not want to participate in photos / films in our channels, you can contact us afterwards at and state what subject it is so we can remove it.