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How to communicate with your community?

Are you on social media but struggling to communicate with your community? Then here are some tips that will bring you closer to your followers and supporters!

Build a relationship with your community

Don't hesitate to use social networks to build a real relationship with your community! Don't forget that behind usernames are real people.

To establish this relationship you must first build trust! To do this, we advise you to find a common point with your community: for there to be trust, there must be a connection!

Don't just communicate on one topic

Before being an artist, you are a musician. Yes, you love music, but surely there are other things you are passionate about in life? So communicate about them!

Maybe some of your subscribers will also like the subjects you talk about.

Invite your subscribers to communicate

What if we tried to reverse the roles? The good thing about social networks is that it is possible to comment on content.

Ask your followers questions even if it's just to ask them how they are doing!

Introduce yourself in a creative way

Whether it's by posting videos of you singing, photos of yourself... Don't hesitate to be creative in presenting yourself!

Building a relationship with your followers is a good thing, but they also need to know who you are.

Get to know your community

A relationship doesn't happen by itself! Get to know your community better.

Respond to their comments, questions and even ask them what they think about your community.

Here are some short but useful tips! We hope they will help you. Everyone has a community, and it would be a shame not to be grateful!

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