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International Artists

Welcome to the next step in growing your international career ! This is a great opportunity to learn how to tour internationally, network, get coaching, gain new experiences and grow your network.

Below are at all the benefits of joining the program.

What we offer

Discover all our services that'll boost your career in the best way possible!


Exclusive access at All My Friends are Stars Festival in over 13 cities in Sweden

Visit Europe, travel across Sweden, and get access to our partner festivals.


E-Mail List of over 5000 Festival Contacts, Sync Agents and Industry contacts

Get in touch with the people who can book you!


Find Funding

Learn about financing your career with a number of funding opportunities.


Online Artist Coaching

4 online sessions where we help you with getting your music/art noticed.


Artist Opportunity

This is your chance to perform or display your work at one of our festivals.


Music Submission

Get your music heard by an international audience

Many artists loads of money on their career without seeing anything or very little in return. With over 20 years of experience, by investing in your career with this program you'll save years off your life and avoid wasting tons of money. 

Americk Lewis

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