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8 Android and iOS Apps for musicians to play instruments, write songs and find inspiration

The magic that technology offers to us musicians is the possibility to improve but also to practice with originality our music.

Today, let's discover four apps, available for Android and iOS, to play music, adjust your instrument and record your compositions for free!

ⓒ Freepik

Which apps should you use based on your needs?


ⓒ Freepik

Apps to play instruments and record

GarageBand (iOS only)

This is a digital audio workstation (DAW) app that allows musicians to create and record music on their mobile devices. It comes with a range of virtual instruments, effects, and editing tools, making it a versatile tool for musicians of all levels.

Download here : GarageBand

Tuner (Android only)

A tuner app can help musicians ensure that their instruments are in tune, which is essential for creating good-sounding music. There are many different tuner apps available, some of which are specifically designed for different instruments, such as guitars or pianos.

Download here : Tuner

Metronome Beats (Android only)

A metronome is a tool that helps musicians keep a steady tempo while playing. A metronome beats app can be useful for practicing and performing, and can help musicians develop their sense of timing and rhythm.

Download here : Metronome Beats

Drump Pad Machine (Android and iOS)

This app allows musicians to create and play virtual drum beats on their mobile devices. It comes with a range of drum kits and sounds, as well as a built-in sequencer and mixer, making it a versatile tool for creating beats and backing tracks.

ⓒ Freepik

Apps to write songs

Songwriter's Pad (Android and iOS)

This app is designed specifically for songwriters, and it provides a range of tools and features to help with the songwriting process. It includes a lyric editor, a chord library, and a melody composer, as well as a collection of songwriting prompts and exercises.

BandLab (Android and iOS)

BandLab is a social music platform that allows musicians to collaborate and create music together. The app includes a DAW, virtual instruments, and other tools, as well as a community of musicians who can provide feedback and support.

Download here : BandLab Android and iOS

Apps to find inspiration

Soundcloud (Android and iOS)

SoundCloud is a popular online platform for sharing and discovering music. Musicians can use the app to upload and share their own tracks, as well as listen to and discover new music from other artists.

Spotify (Android and iOS)

Spotify is a popular streaming music service that allows users to listen to millions of songs on demand. Musicians can use the app to discover new music, as well as share and promote their own tracks with a global audience.

Download here : Spotify Android and iOS

This selection of apps has been designed to share our best practices with you.

For years we have been using them and it has helped us to compose music but also to improve ourselves and to communicate with a large community of artists. Thanks to this, we have been able to discover new fields of vision that every day encourage us to make new music to motivate you, and bring you positivity every day!

If you have a testimonial to share on the use of these applications or if you want to recommend other applications to us, do not hesitate to comment the article below.


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