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Social Media are home to a new generation of musicians

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

How many new songs have you discovered through social media in the past years? Today, we have 4.5 billion users or 54% of the world's population that could potentially have one of your new fans.

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Instagram and Tik tok are the new radio for Internet users.” states French audiovisual production company Sourdoreille Production.

Together, let’s discover how social can positively impact your musical presence.

Become the next star on social media


A young community waiting to discover the next hits of the year

Tik Tok is the first musical reference in the world of social networks and today has 1.2 billion users. Among them, we find 25% of users aged between 10 and 19 years.

Instagram, which promotes the use of music in its creation, has 31% of its users aged between 18 and 25 years old out of 2 billion users in the world.

Olivia Rodrigo, a success story powered by Tik Tok

I got my drivers license last week, just like we always talked about…

You've probably heard these lyrics somewhere, no matter how old you are: on the radio, in the background at a party or scrolling through your Tik Tok feed. Well, it's a song written and sung by Olivia Rodrigo, a singer who now has 3 Grammys at just 19 years old but had none when she first shared the song on social media at only 17.

Today, the song has been used more than 1.2 million times by users of the platform to create their content. Whether it's to express their heartbreak or simply their love for the song, this young singer has been able to unite and send a message to a young community that has felt understood above all through the music.

Launching your music career with the help of social media

Youtube used to be the platform where you had to post your songs in the hope of one day being discovered by a famous recording label just like Lana Del Rey or Lily Allen were. Now, Instagram is home to a large number of singers with dreamy success stories. In fact, their algorithm unknowingly leads you to content that might interest you based on your demographic and sociological data.

Oscar Anton, from business school to a successful music career

A few years ago, we found this 26-year-old French singer on the benches of business schools. Today, his songs brighten up our days in the ears of thousands of people.

While the pandemic forced us into lockdown in the spring of 2020, Oscar Anton released one of the biggest hits of the summer this year in a duet with his sister Clementine: "Nuits d'Été", a song discovered by many thanks to Instagram. Enjoying a growing popularity, from daily reposts to stories, the young singer had the chance to collaborate with other stars such as the world-famous French DJ Bob Sinclar or the German singer Anaïs Vibin.

Stating your social and environmental commitments through music

Increasingly, we find brands affirming their societal and environmental commitments on social networks in opposition to many citizens who claim not to know the commitments of the brands they buy from. For music, it is through the lyrics that we discover these commitments that deserve to be heard.

Global warming, at the center of music and lyrics

Music has always been a way for singers to express their emotions but also to assert their societal, environmental or political commitments, as the rock band The Cranberries did with their phenomenon song "Zombie" in opposition to the Warrigonton bombings which killed two children aged 3 and 12 at the time. Today, global warming is the concern of a new generation of musicians.

"Sea levels are rising and icebergs are melting. coral reefs are dying, and nobody is helping them. " sang tiktoker Willow Sky accompanied on Ukulele in November 2019.

A video that reached millions of viewers on the platform led many of us questioning ourselves about our impact on the environment. Using a soft form of communication such as music, the singer aimed at raising awareness about the current environment’s state.

The video and the song was well received by the Tik Tok community, many sharing their experience :

I live in Cali and we don’t have snow days but we have smoke days

Climate change is one of the main reasons why I’m trying to go vegan, it makes a big big difference guys.

This is so depressing but true

… and even people simply enjoying the song :

“Who else watched this multiple times?”

"Should I blame myself, should I blame you, should I blame them, should I blame us for not waking up yet? I'm about to go nuts", sang Casey Shirin on the piano in response to the climate inaction of many.

Celebrated for her talent, it was the perfect opportunity for this singer to both raise awareness and display her talent.

Most of the reactions were positive and gave the opportunity for Casy Shirin to release this song :

RELEASE ITTTT” commented a user to which Casy responded by announcing the release of the single.

With the aim of reaching out and warning, these young singers represent with 2 songs more than 40 million views and more than 7 million likes. Several times in these songs, we recognize a worried youth who does not feel listened to but who despite everything and thanks to the power of music continues to carry out their fight on social media.

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