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How to create your own music festival?

8 years after creating one of the biggest music festivals dedicated to emerging artists, it is now our turn to share our experience, knowledge and know-how with you. Today, we are proud to announce that we have created a programme, launched earlier this year, dedicated to the creation of your own mini festival!

All My Friends Are Stars Mini Festival has been off to a great start after being launched earlier this year… so here are four reasons to follow our program and realize your dreams:

A financial investment that will pay off

Often, when we want to launch a project, especially in the events sector, the financial costs make us feel cold because it requires a certain investment. We also ask ourselves: how much will the guests have to pay to get to our event? Will it be a cost for them as well?

And here we invite you to travel back in time with us: when we started out, we didn't have a big budget to spend but we launched our festival anyway! It didn't cost us millions to spend, nor did it cost the guests: we didn't censor ourselves because of this and we managed to offer artists from all over the world to perform and share an incredible moment with the audience!

It is important to plan for the long term: today, you have these means at your disposal and by working with us, we will present you with various solutions to optimise this budget and organise your own mini festival!

Local collaborations

Give us a city and we will show you how local businesses can find and give support.

Launching your mini festival is also an opportunity to form successful collaborations with other local businesses. We have always been extremely grateful for all the people and projects that have supported our music festival: this is where we have mainly found strength in our project! Beyond the fact that it's a win-win relationship, it's also an opportunity for you to expand your audience, to get your voice heard and to find constant support.

It is important in a local community to support each other, to help each other take our dreams to the stars!

An engaging project

This is the sign you've been waiting for: this is your moment, enjoy it!

Our mini-festival programme will help you bring a powerful message behind an engaging event. Meet caring collaborators and an audience that is only waiting to see you shine as we already see you.

This mini festival programme is not just about helping you organise an event, but also about enabling you to get involved in the causes you care about, and to meet a strong and loyal community.

An accessible and inspiring experience

As mentioned earlier, this new mini-festival programme was launched earlier this year. We have had the opportunity to work with several artists and believe us: working with others is accessible to all and above all: inspiring! We learn from each other and that's the best thing about working together.

For example, we worked with Elona who had a venue in Grebbestad where she was already organising concerts, but with our help she was able to organise her very first music festival! Or EvaCarin, a music lover who was given all the tools to turn her garage into a concert venue!


AMFAS has helped create 3 mini festivals this year and have another 3 coming this summer. Do you want to create your own mini festival? If so, email us.

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